One customer reported having problems when launching Adobe CC applications. Launching any application would cause a popup error to appear, and after clicking OK, some applications would start while most would not.


Once opened, the applications that could run would report that they were soon reaching the end of the trial period for the Adobe CC components.

At server level, the license would be shown as Active for this same user, so I knew there was nothing wrong at that level.

After searching a bit, I found out that PDapp.exe is in fact a module that is being used for checking updates. Even though we had disabled checking the updates in our package, it seems that the module was crashing before being able to read the config.

I found a suggestion about upgrading Apple Application Manager component on Adobe forums and gave it a try. After the upgrade, the licensing check started and the applications were again available and properly licensed.


On a side note, when looking at the logs i found that Adobe CC and specifically PDapp.exe had created dozens of files in the user profile, in this folder:

C:\Users\YourUserNameHere\AppData\Local\Temp\  (PDapp***.log)

I had to delete about 35 GB of logs. I will need to see if those come back now that the problem has been resolved, but if you use adobe products and your disk space is shrinking, you know where to look.