After getting up to date with Windows Updates Management in SCCM 2012, I decided to test the integration with System Center Updates Publisher 2011.

After installing and configuring the product, deploying the certificates and downloading the catalogs from Adobe, I Published the updates to my Wsus server that is being used by SCCM.

However when trying to download the Adobe updates from the Sccm console,

it failed with error 502:

Since I could download Microsoft Updates from within the console, I checked the logs. You can find the Wsus sync logs for SCCM in your profile\Appdata in the file PatchDownloader.log

There i got more information, and was guided to potential problems with the Proxy settings.

I double checked the settings, and indeed it was there: although I had properly set the proxy, I had forgotten to add my local domains in the exception list for the proxy.

I added the domain where my Wsus server is to be found, and it worked without problem.

Note that you can use UpdDwnldCfg.exe to set the proxy information on the Sccm computer from the command line – the option ‘/Allusers’  will define the settings for all users, which looks like what you could do with Proxycfg.exe on Win2003 machines.

If you need to support Adobe, Sun, and other third party products and you use Sccm, do not forget to check SCUP 2011 as it is a very usefull tool. Too bad that Catalogs are only available from some vendors so far…