Part 1 of this post was about basic repackaging of an Msi to App-v format, Part 2 will be about automated conversion.

Let’s open a Project from the Application Conversion Wizard…

Let’s choose where our packages reside.

If you are repackaging a lot of applications, chances are that those are managed by SCCM

or at least that the sources have been consolidated in the same network location.

Since I use Sccm, this will be my choice.

After providing the connection data, the tool will query your SCCM server and return all packages that were found.

This includes all application formats. [Note that this might take a bit of time]

Now all you need to do is select the applications you want the tool to convert.

As was the case for basic conversion I can now define the virtual machines that can be used for conversion.

Note that you can use more than one VM at a time to make the process quicker.

You can then customize the default App-V package options that will be used as default and per specific application.

Once done, the whole process should run unattended, reporting in real time what is going on.

I did not test the program in production due to lack of resources but it looks very powerfull when used in combination with Sccm

since you keep the paths, application commands, etc.

Note that you will need the Enterprise version of Adminstudio (and the additional Virtualization pack) to use this functionality.

Flexera posted a webcast demo of the tool on their site (needs registration):

How to Automate Application Repackaging and Conversion to Virtual Formats with AdminStudio

You can also download a trial version that will allow you to test most of the functionality.