Some of you might have noticed that the "Joining Software Metering, Status,
and Software Inventory Views" Report that comes with the
"Creating Custom Reports by Using Configuration Manager 2007 SQL Views" Document
does not return appropriate information.
I decide to update this report, fix the problem, and add more detailed information
    MU.Domain, MU.FullName, SF.FileName, SF.FileVersion, MUS.UsageCount,
   LEFT(MUS.LastUsage, 11) AS Expr1, MUS.ResourceID, 
   FROM      v_MeteredUser AS MU INNER JOIN
                v_MonthlyUsageSummary AS MUS ON
                 MU.MeteredUserID = MUS.MeteredUserID INNER JOIN
                 v_GS_SoftwareFile AS SF 
                 MUS.FileID = SF.FileID INNER JOIN
     v_R_System_Valid ON MUS.ResourceID = v_R_System_Valid.ResourceID

This should get you the full domainuser, computer, file and version run,

as well as last date it was used.