Most of you are aware of how to use Servermanagercmd.exe to install or remove roles on windows 2008.

The tool is easy to use from the command line and can be scripted.

However, one of the things missing from this tool is the possibility to ‘duplicate’ the configuration from one server to another:

Let’s say you spend some time adding roles to your test server. Once you are done and things work fine, wouldn’t it be great to just ‘export’ the roles configuration to a file with the -Query command and then reuse this file as -Inputpath to reinstall just the same roles on another server ?

Unfortunately this does not work !

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed by this, until I found this particularly useful blog post from Travis Nielsen on Microsoft’s Windows Server Division Web Blog. He uses Msxsl.exe to tranform the xml files so they can be used to Install, remove and report on installed roles, a very nice addition to servermanagercmd !

Although the post is more than one year old, I am yet to find any reference to it on the net, which is why I decided to talk about it here.

Many thanks to Travis Nielsen, hoping that this functionality will be integrated soon in the tool itself !

Links: Servermanagercmd on Technet; Windows Server Division Web Blog; MsXsl